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  • Hi again hope I'm not disturbing you . What is your salon name and where . I mite pop over to c u that's if u don't mind xxxx
    hiya, just read your post and wanted to drop you a line in regards to hairdressing kit. despite what they say you DONT need everything when you start out. I did 2 years at college, brought everything on the list at the beginning and still had some in wrappers at the end of it! get two pairs of scissors, one for human hair, these need to be better quality, and then a training pair for cutting your sally head. wait until you see your schedule before you buy anything else, the college will provide anything you dont have and ebay is fab for some little bits along the way. alot of girls in the class will turn it into 'who has spent the most and got the most flashy stuff' but the proff is in the pudding! ( and half of these girls will drop out before qualifyiong anyway!) i think its salon direct that are doing a really good starter kit for cheap at the moment, and any training books you need you can hire from the library of buy on ebay. good luck with it all and im sure it will be worth it! x
    Hi Love,
    Just wanted to say i think all your posts on the "nsi nails lifting" threads were fantatsic and you had the balls to say what we all think.The amount of random people(technicians)i have had ring me asking me £how to go" gelish or shellac...i paid for my training and put time and effort in...personally i dont think the girl has got a clue if shes trained nevermind nails xx chin up...dont let the haters win
    Hi hunni,I hope you managed to enjoy your daughters birthday & yours on Saturday. How did your talk go on Friday? Hope you are ok xx
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