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    Help needed with choosing gel polish brand

    Sorry I mean gel polish! Yes I think that will be best to wait and invest - I'm debating between CND Creative play or INK London! Really would like a brand that offers different colours and updates their colours regularly! Xx
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    Help needed with choosing gel polish brand

    Hi, I'm qualified but want to practice on myself before I practice on family/friends and eventually be self employed. I'm thinking of buying a cheaper brand of nail polish to practice on myself rather than investing £100s that I don't really have and not make any money for months. Would...
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    Kim Lawless

    Oooo thank god for this thread I am looking to have her training! Quick question to ask (I'm in college now) with intimate waxing does anyone use honey wax? X
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    Insurance without product training?

    Hi, I thought you had to train with CND to use their products, but if you are qualified with gel and L&P you can get insurance and use whichever brands you like. I might be wrong mind! X
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    Halo brand?

    I feel like professional only is the way for me to go! Once I am qualified I am going with Ikoniq nails xx
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    Halo brand?

    Hi, Thank you both for replying. I like the reviews I have seen so far but am wondering if a product that is professional only would be better? X
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    Halo brand?

    Hi, I have searched and can't seem to find am answer to this question - are halo a professional brand only? Thank you, X
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    Ikon.IQ gel ranges

    Hi, That's fine - am off to scour the Facebook group now! Rhian
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    Ikon.IQ gel ranges

    Hi, I've just requested to join the group. Are you going to be at pro beauty in Feb? Thanks, Rhian
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    Training advice

    Hi I have been accepted today onto my level 3 nail technology course (pending me passing my level 2 Beauty). Only issue is they didn't run the course last year due to numbers, and won't tell us until September if it will run or not. At the moment it's only me and my friend on it, and they need...
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    Hi, Thank you for your reply. Yes I am hoping to get a salon job first to gain experience! I am unsure what my step will be after level 2 - level 3 beauty or more specific brand training! I'm loving it so far - I can't wait to start practicing on people other than my fellow students! Xx
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    Hi, I'm studying lvl 2 beauty. When do you start thinking about business names? And setting up install/www/Facebook ect? I would like to point out I know it's way off yet but I've never done something like this before! Thank you Rhi x
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    Why are acrylic nails and gel so cheap?

    Hi, No advice but am following as am wanting to start my own mobile business once qualified and have also noticed this on Facebook! Rhi x
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    Thank you I'm off to subscribe now! Rhi x
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    Nail brands while training

    Oooo thank you! Xx