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    Short courses Oxfordshire?

    Danielle in Banbury - is wonderful. She's a Cnd educator and her details will be on line.
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    April fools

    Oh god. I feel soooo blonde. I liked the Cath Kidston post on Facebook for the patterned paint thinking 'that would be lovely in Hat Studio/Salon' Woke up this morning and thought oh god! It was an April fool. Duh!
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    Minx clear cure all?

    Oooooo no. Must look now. Thanks. Jen [emoji12]
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    Minx clear cure all?

    Ah thanks for looking LouLou. [emoji177]
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    Log cabin/shed etc. salon set ups!

    This is mine. It's the 'Billy-oh- Village' it doubles as my Hat Hire Studio and nail room. I have two long bar heaters that keep the chill off and I 'blast it' with little fan heaters. Would like to paint it internally white as quite dark but it's a big job. Had this three years now and love...
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    Nail polish shaker?

    Brought mine from TaylorMade nails
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    Best slow cooker recipes-ready steady go

    Leg lamb. Neat. Throw in. Turn on at 10am. Carved at 6. Perfect. Use the juices mixed with gravy. ..... Delicious.
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    Minx clear cure all?

    Anyone? Any ideas?
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    Show us your pets

    My fur babies are: Chooie the Cavalier Stampy (or as I call her, Sparkle Pants Stampy) put kitten And sadly my Mare Dusty has gone to the paddock in the sky but I still have Magic the Shetland who's 22.
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    Minx clear cure all?

    Does anyone where I can get this from - sweet squared are out of stock. Having returned to nails I am only offering natural nail care and shellac but have come across a few clients with small splits. Not wanting to do the Tea Bag method for clients would silk or fibreglass be ok under...
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    Salon name?

    I used to be called The Hand Sanctuary (even had lawyers from The Sanctuary write to me!!!) I had a break and started ladies hat hire - called easily and simply The Hat Hire Company (does what it says on the tin...) Now I've returned to nails and have a space in my beautiful log cabin in the...
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    Hi Abi I used Iced Coral Shellac then I burnished randomly blue additives and pink and gold lecente glitter. Did a coat of clearly pink shellac. Went over with a lecente gold glitter lightly another coat of clearly pink added the feather design in Rubble using the lecente S brush and top coated...
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    Cnd Shellac Iced coral and Lecente Glitters and feather effect (copied from Fee Wallace)
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    Rescue RXx

    .... Is it just me, or does anyone else think the Rescue Rxx smells like cocoa! I'm having a hard time trying not to lick the brush- solar oil addiction all over again! [emoji15]
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    Estee Lauder vs Mac fix fluid foundation?

    Hmmmm I wear El DW FRESCO just stocked up at Bicester Village today as they had it in discounted. I'm popping back Friday as u live very very close so I could pop in and compare as they do Mac too.