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    Is there a soak-offable Gel....

    calgel is also soakable i think it is a very similiar gel to bio sculpture collette
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    Uv Lamp bulbs

    thanks very much Tracey i thought so just wanted to be sure :) collette
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    Uv Lamp bulbs

    are these universal? i am selling my lamp and have been asked where they can buy replacement bulbs from and i know they cant get them off calgel unless theyre certified does anyone know if other any companies you all use sell them? thanks everyone :) collette
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    Update on Faye ...........

    oh wow!! congrats to faye and to you ruth! bet she nearly fell of the scan bed when they told her that :shock: i have twin bro and sis and they literally were both a bundle of joy! i wont even tell you what theyre a bundle of now :twisted: :twisted: at thirteen yrs old lol congrats...
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    Blimey! What a difference a day makes!

    best of luck jo :D collette xx
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    Trendy Uniform Ideas

    wow they are stunning!! collette xx
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    MMA Petition

    number 38 was me :D lets keep these signatures coming! collettexx
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    just had to share this with everyone...........

    congratulations faye!!!!! you can compare notes with groovynails as i think she may be due around the same time next yr! best wishes for you and steve - and enjoy that peace whilst you can lol ive a 3 yr old and havent known what peace is for that long :D collette xxx
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    I have stilettos!

    wow they are fab!!!! collette
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    Water Encased Nail Art

    wow! what brill pics! amanda how talented are you!! you should be really proud of yourself being able to do that so quickly after getting the instructions - amazing :D collette
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    Happy Birthday For Saturday Sam

    have a wicked birthday sam! :trashed: :trashed: :trashed: :goal: :goal: :goal: collette
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    The 1000th Member

    welcome spicy! :thumbsup: come and introduce yourself we are all friendly around here and love to hear about new members. :flower: ive only done a few posts too jo but have actually been hanging around here for about a yr lol collette
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    printing pricelists

    hiya :D just a quick tip here that i thought may tie in with this post. I have a photo quality printer so i can print my literature out just as good as any printer firm. i also go to computer fairs and buy the ink for my cartridges as mine cost £35.99 each in the shops!! you just buy...
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    The 1000th Member

    im with you geeg :D not suprised the site is hitting 1000th memeber its the best out here on the net for nail techs by far! collette
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    spare time in salon

    hi jackie i think this would look very professional and could attract attention to what your doing which could result in another customer if they like what they see. Also practice does make perfect so when them customers do come along youll be getting quicker and more skilled at doing the...