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  • hi ya, i use sallys when i need to if i run out of files or resin or sumthin but i dont use their acrylic products either. I get my acrylic and gel products from Ezflow mainly and sumtimes sweet squared. Everytime i order from these the stuff is usaully here the next day. Sorry i cant be much help, but you wont any of the top brands over here at a general nail suppliers store.All the top brands are are usually distributed by one company and then they have sub distributors and unless ya lucky to have one near by, most people order by phone..... what acrylics are you looking for ..if its cnd or ezflow i can give you the telephone number....haze xx
    Thats fine then, as long as you were aware of it. I thought maybe there was a glitch. xx
    Hiya hun, I clicked on your signature link and was catapulted to Vistaprint, is that supposed to happen? xx
    Hi, iv'e just seen your threat too! Just thought i'd wish you good luck in your new nail career. And wish you every success with your chosen product range.

    We are a friendly bunch, so please keep posting, it's great to have newbee's on here and a great way of making friends with lots in common!

    Welcome hun!

    hi, just see your post in a thread ,and thought id say hi, as im only up the road from you in Thetford, theres not many geeks from around our way on here lol haze xx
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