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  • hi do you know if medispa uk have a website as the numbers you posted seem to be no longer in use? thanks
    Hiya, tried to send you a private message, but you have exceeded your allowance and need to delete some of ya messages. lol - was just to say thanks xx
    have now used both minx and blixz to me there both the same product just different brand name also tried trendy nail wraps dont like them as much
    hi, the same as smarty pants really was just wondering the difference between minx and blixz, i have a minx course booked for the end of the month thanXx
    Hi there, just read your thread about Blixz. Have a question, have you used Minx before and if so what are the differences between Blixz and Minx? Thanks
    hey hun how are you? i live in grantham about 30 mins away on the train from nottingham so not too far...do you own your own salon?

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