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  • Hi Sue

    I currently do a lot more shellac than anything else. We still have biosculpture and a couple of calgel colours.

    Calgel pros:

    the clear gel is a fab one comp sculpting gel

    the clear yellows pretty quickly, and the colours are a 3 min cure.

    bio: pros

    gorgeous colours, goes on thin and never lifts.

    cons: expensive as is calgel but calgel have more offers, and the delivery charges are ridiculous

    I like both but personally prefer bio, why are you swapping? have you considered going for a power polish (shellac ect) to run alongside? Power polish's have really revitalised the nail business imo

    hope this helps.
    Hi Sue.
    I don't use Calgel but I hear it is very similar, they were once the same company.

    ManiQ - 101 does stain as does Gelicure - Bois De Rose which is the identical colour.
    I now put it over a base of B/S Sculpting gel or Gelish Structure which helps.
    No Sue just really busy and keep forgetting things! I will catch up I promise. Harry still really ill and we have been told today that they want to operate next Wednesday so things will hopefully settle after that xxx
    Sorry Sue, yes I did and meant to send you one back. Harry has been really ill, I will email you and explain and we have been at the hospital nearly every day for the last month or so. Will email you sweetie xxx
    Thanks again. Iam trying to set up a Page on facebook, as you can tell pants with anything PC related. Are you a facebook user? if so can we become friends? and can I be so bold and ask you to Like my Page.
    Thanks again Sue x
    Ha, I wasn't sure till hubby pointed it out to the top right corner you need to click on ""Join Group" then have to wait for Sheila to approve you in, which was done by the next day, or probably when she gets a chance to look.

    I think it is because the moderator is responsible for the site.

    Meet you there....x Pooh8bear
    No, I work from home or if necessary mobile. I do manicures/enhancements, pedicures and spray tanning.
    Thanks...I think she's gorgeous too, but I know I'm biased!

    Err....I bought it from SalonServe.....sorry! I think Salons Direct do them too, but they are a bit more expensive from there, and only in white! xx
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