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  • Hi - sorry, Just saw your message about the titanium pearl additive.I mixed roughly three parts titanium pearl to one part colour pigment to get the pastel shade, and then burnished over Cream Puff (white) polish. Hope that helps. x
    Hi just wondering if u had the shellac rack for sale? If so how much would it b Inc p&p? Many thanks
    Hiyer Hun..............
    Sorry I didn't spot I had a message !! Yah All going well, trying to keep on top if it as well as having a full time job, it's hard hard hard but will pay off one day !
    Would be fab to meet up, although I am quite tight on time, text me some dates that you are free and we will work something out me luv . 07974 887744 :0 C
    Dont worry about all the questions, i'm glad i can help....
    No problems with it at all, it is really sturdy, even the plastic is thick so not easily pierced or torn.
    Yeah it has a lid, and i get literally everything including ,my towel in it for a full shellac application if i'm going to a clients house. Its fab fab fab, def get it form the site i sent you - its cheaper than S2 even with delivery. I think i am going to invest in another one xxxx
    Hey hun wasnt sure if you would see that i had replied to your picture comment - so thought it best to send you a PM ha ha ha

    The one i got was sold as a small one, i didnt get it from the S2 web site but its the 20 pocket one that S2 say is the small?

    This is the link to the one i got - http://www.make-upinternational.com/...p?catalogid=16

    Hope this helps you xxx
    Hey hun,
    I am not going to Excel, I just can't afford it babe :( I would love to go.
    Why don't you "blog" it and see if any of the other local Geeks are going ?? I draged my best friend along to Olympia last time, Tee he x
    Brill, glad it was an easy first day. I'l let you settle in and I'll come over and say hi. Actually you had better let me know your real name as I am sure a name badge won't say "Nail Obsessed" LOL :)
    OOO OOOO At Quedge??? I'll come in and say Hi. Once you have settled in of course, don't want to get you in to any trouble !! At least with Christmas coming up might get extra hours over the next few months.

    Good luck with the first day .

    Olympia was great, it was like a 6 year old in a toy shop !! Although no offers of any significance but for me it was just great to see the products and how things have changed over the years.

    I think, though I'm going to to EXCEL in February also.

    How is the job hunting going chick ??
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