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  • Thanks for the fab day of fun with Shellac. I can't wait to do the Master Painter and, fingers crossed, the Polished Nail someday. Xxxx
    Hi Ruth, Thanks for the fab training session on Sunday. I shall definitely be in contact to learn more from you.
    Hugs Sheena x
    Thanks Ruth for inviting me up today, had an amazing time and a great laugh as always :) see you in a few weeks for more chuckles xx
    It was lovely to meet you at the weekend. Loved your gangham style. x
    Hi Ruth, Thankyou so much for your wonderful Minx class today! You made the time fly by and it was so fun and easy. I'm really excited to offer it to my clients. I'll be back for more, with my Mum as my model, lol. Love Kayleigh xx
    I had so much fun. Thank you so much. It was the best day of training I ever did. I did send you a message on FB. It probably went into the others folder. Can't wait to do the SAS class.
    Your Very Welcome Ruthie! :) There lovely nails hows it going well done you with the Shellac Ambassadorship :green: Id still love to get into teaching having the opotunity is another thing lol
    Lots Of Love Nic XXx
    Ok I will do, it's such a cool little gadget! So simple but so effective, I used it to do a Christmas nail pop today, one of those little ideas that make you rich, darn why didn't I think of it lol xx
    My little thumb plate and tools arrived today, it's so good!! Love it (thought I'd let you know as yours shoud be here any day) x
    Thanks for the hearts, just done my 1st Shellac since Sunday and I was really pleased (toothbrush awesome!!) lol xxx
    Hi Ruth, I plan to tip and poppit my nieces bitten nails, she is moving to London in a couple of weeks so could you tell me where is your salon, and could you upkeep her nails for her and help her stop chewing and picking her nails ? thanks a lot Carole x
    hi i have noticed you have posted alot on threads about acrylic nails and stuff so i thought i'd come to you :)......

    ok so im not trained or training to be a nail technician but i would like to do my own nails i am absolutley in love with glitter tips and i have learned myself how to apply the tips correctly and put on the glitter mixed in with acrylic but after applying the glitter acrylic the tip of my nail is always much thicker than the rest and i dont want to buff it down too much incase it takes away the shine of the glitter (im using small hexagon glitter) i was wondering could you help? maybe im using the wrong items or not applying the glitter acrylic right? x
    Well! Congratulations!!! You should be proud (I haven't been around much over last couple years so I hadn't noticed sorry)
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