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  • Hello, I just read your blog 'Embracing Me' and just had to tell you that I loved it and wish I could do the same!! Unfortunately my skin is more white/blue than milky white! Anyway Congratulations on breaking free from fake!! xx
    yes, that was acrylic 3d work. and you are right i am very patient, i sat up for hours trying to perfect the roses as they are done in rather a different way to the usual type.
    Thanks for your messages - hope they still do the mirror and the lights in Ikea... the lights come as 3 separate strips of 5 bulbs - they also sell the low energy bulbs as well - I wouldn't use normal bulbs as they will eat electricity for breakfast and fry anyone who sits in front of the mirror for any length of time LOL...
    Thanks for the message really cheered me up! I'm definitely going to go for it..fed up with being in a stuffy office all day long! xxx
    Hi everyone
    I'm new(ish) on here and looking to meet lots of other beauty, nails, hair enthusiasts so please add me.

    Hearts xoxo
    hey thanks for being my first friend lol! just read your blog, congrats on the wedding and wow about the text book! i am too crazy for make up!
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