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  • Hi there lovig your nail art and noticed you recomended the DVD from viis. I am thinking about investing in it but wanted to know what brushes, paints and other accesories I would need also.
    I would really appreciate your help and if tere are any other dvd etc you would recomend that would be great
    Hi, love your nail art.It's so generous to share, thank you. Wondered if you could help? Could you please point me in the right direction for a subtoning tutorial? Really struggling and hoped you would be abble to advise....many thanks! xx
    hi Aet how are you? i have uploaded a picture of nails ive done using your fabulous step by step.thankyou once again for your help.xx
    It went really well thank you so much for your clear intrutions! I have done a few tips I keep meaning to take some pics (there at work) I will show you when I do , thank you :)
    lol yes i can imagine!! a loy of passion and practice ahead of me!! soooo exited to get started, keep up the good work you give beginners like me insperation thankyou xxx
    aww really love your nail art!!! I am just returning to nails after a long few years break and redoing some of my training, doing biosculpture gel this weekend and CND training booked for oct, hopefully i will be able to bo designs as good as this in a few months!! well done xxx
    Buffed surface got it :) Thank you so much, i went and bought acrylic paints today so cant wait till i go into the salon tomorrow and test out my arty skills! :D
    Thanks again for your help!
    WOW,WOW,WOW! i dont know what to say,thankyou so much.its a great tutorial the pics are really clear.you make it look so easy.i cant wait to try this.i will show you pics once ive attempted it.your nails are always stunning you do lovely work.thanks again :hug::hug:.xx
    Thank you for getting back to me :) Can you apply the acrylic paint straight onto the acrylic enhancement? Or do you need to apply anything to it beforehand?! Also what type of brushes do you use?

    Janine :)
    Hey There!
    I Was browsing Through Your Pictures And Your Art Work Is Gorgeous! I Was Wondering If You Use Acrylic Paint?! I Am Very Artistic Also & Would Love To Know How You Do Your Nail Art! Any Info Would Be Very Helpful :)

    Janine :)
    Thankyou for letting me be a salon geek friend. Your artwork is truly outstanding and most inspiring! I feel very privledged to have just recently joined this community Luv Little-Aussie ;)
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