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  • thanks. by any chance do you know anything about belle hair training academy?x
    hello, im a newbie; can you help? i want to do training for;
    hair extensions
    eyelash exensions
    can someone help?
    in newcastle? sunderland? tyne&wear area :biggrin:
    Hi BotoxBoy,
    The following is the email they sent me. Looks like you Request money and then the client pays when they get a message with an invoice. So no good. I need paying there and then.


    I have reviewed your enquiry Ms. Dudley-Evans and I can confirm that to receive payment, you have to send a money request.
    You can send a request for payment from your PayPal account to anyone with an email address.
    • The person does not have to be a PayPal account holder
    • A Money Request can be sent to up to 50 recipients within one request, by separating multiple email addresses with commas or returns
    • PayPal's Invoicing Tool lets you send professional business invoices through email
    • Unpaid money requests are automatically cancelled after 30 days
    I've had a really good look through the app and cant see anywhere where you can do that!
    Hi, You need to upgrade to a business aco**** and you can't do it on the app, it has to be on the web based form so on an ipad or a laptop...give them a ring they are really helpful!
    I wanted to pop by and say thank you for the very kind pic comments :hug:. You should join the konad group, there are lots of pics and all the info you will ever need. There is also a thread in the nail forum on konad with lots of basic info.
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