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    You can get them on eBay.
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    Landlord banning a client

    Thank you Alison. I’m having sleepless nights over it now. I can’t go to her house as there isn’t enough time between appointments at the moment, at this time of year. I haven’t even got space to move her next two appointments so they don’t clash. I’ve even tried asking people to swap their...
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    Landlord banning a client

    My landlord and the hairdresser have fallen out with a client of mine. It has nothing to do with the salon, it’s over my clients son renting the flat above the salon. The hairdresser was a friend of my client for 40 years, but because of a problem with the the flat, they have all fallen out...
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    Nail station & chair recommendations

    Would it be big enough for two people?
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    I’m still using treatwell. May change later this year when I have time. I don’t bother with the reviews. If a client booked through them then treatwell usually message the client to do a review. I don’t however like their charges but some clients like the idea of being able to book online. So...
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    Schedul booking system

    So THATS why I can’t find it!!
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    Employees sharing work on social media?

    If they want to put work on social media then insist they take pictures of it using a logo mat or similar. That way it shows it’s been done in your salon and they can’t pass it off as just theirs.
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    Who do I check with about fair rent?

    Thank you Sanilulu. The landlord told her!! She’s known since last year when we had our last increase. So annoyed at him. Puts me in a difficult situation if she does go ahead and takes over. I can’t afford to pay more than I’ve agreed with the landlord direct.
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    Who do I check with about fair rent?

    im currently renting a beauty room and a desk space within a Hair & beauty salon. It is just myself and the Hairdresser there. The landlord has just informed me that the Hairdresser isn’t happy that I pay less rent than her. This is because she uses more gas, water and electric than I do. She is...
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    Accreditation and certificates

    I was thinking of using Professional Beauty for accreditation. Just got to find out about my teaching certificate. Was told some time ago it’s acceptable. But things have changed and now not sure. It’s a City & Guilds Teaching stage one certificate. Would this be equivalent to either PTTLS or...
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    Best card machine providers?

    izettle. It’s great. Used it for years. One off purchase of about £50 then if you use izettle Go it’s 1.75% for each transaction. No contract.
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    Wanting accreditation for teaching nail courses. Who would you recommend?

    which body would you recommend for accreditation? I’m going wanting to teach acrylic and gel extensions and gel polish as a course. I can’t decide who to use. Any recommendations?
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    Shoes on or off mobile

    Take flats or slippers. It's really bad to get a hair stuck in your foot/feet. I've had a hair stuck in my toe twice now, just from the hairdresser in the salon. I do nails and the hair blows my way. Seriously, keep your feet covered.
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    Orange feet

    I put a large towel down on the base, sticky feet on client and barrier cream around edges of feet. Works a treat.
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    Taking card payments for nail services

    A lot of my clients still tip with cash some add the tip to the payment. So you get it eventually. If it's a tip on the card for an employee, just tell her to take that amount from the till.