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    How much to charge Polygel, extensions?

    If you do their course, they will be able to advise you on recommended prices.
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    Why are acrylic nails and gel so cheap?

    I'd avoid providing drinks when filing gel or acrylic product because of the dust settling in their drinks. Ingestion of dust would eventually lead to allergy problems with the product that you use.
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    Anyone used a free website company?

    Like in the nail industry, you get what you pay for. There are advantages and disadvantages in using free web dev framework services depending on what your needs are. Free Package: 3 Pages 1GB bandwidth 1GB storage Yola subdomain The absolutely free package has yola branding everywhere...
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    PolyGel or hard gel?

    Technically, polygel and hard gel are acrylics; they are both file off in terms that they are non porous. For every enhancement service, the nail technician will recommend a certain time frame for you to have a rebalance. No matter if the nail enhancement is made of titanium or granite, the arch...
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    Anyone used a free website company?

    Indeed. I'd also add if the website has a none subdomain name which usually score badly in google pagerank algorithms, hosted in a reliable webserver with at least 99% reliability (maybe 99.9% if you have a booking service), support availability if required and an email account. There are many...
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    Anyone used a free website company?

    I create and host my own websites. There are pros and cons with using a free web content creator.
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    Acrylic courses in the North West

    You won't learn much in a day if you have no experience.
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    Gel polish remover

    The reason for using the brand recommendation is because they formulate it specifically for their own product. I use gelish so I use gelish remover. If ibd have their own, then use it, if not, generic acetone bought from a salon store that is 95% pure is enough. Technical grades of purity aren't...
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    Gel polish remover

    Use the one as indicated by your brand.
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    New nail tech questions

    You could also store files for each loyal client in individual personal boxes as long as you file on healthy nails. With regards to grit, it depends what your training course recommends, although if you are working with hard gels, a 100 grit is more than enough to remove product as gels are...
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    Gelish structure gel

    What lamp are you using?
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    Acrylic and gel advice

    I've seen this practice on youtube videos by amateurs. They are playing at being chemists IMO and you would not be covered by insurance if you alter the presentation of products that is not taught or recommended by the manufacturers.
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    Nails popping off

    Have a look at how Kirsty forms an acrylic bead. It shows you the correct size and correct ratio for the nail.
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    Instagram - please follow

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    Career change: nail tech & wanting advice on home course/training

    I have left advice on Essential Nails courses on previous threads, you can have a look by searching for "Essential Nails" or "EN".