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    Male intimate waxing?

    thanks all ..will do .. will keep looking out for more training down my way xx
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    Male intimate waxing?

    Thank you Jack.. i will have to find a course near to me as i can .. ....not many though.. not many salons are offering male waxing i dont think .. time for some research.. :O)
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    Male intimate waxing?

    Hi all.. okies... male intimate waxing... is there an art to it :O).. i can female intimate wax but have never done an intimate male... just legs or back or chest .. (and eyebrows) dont ask lol.. now i have had an enquiry.. about male waxing.. am assuming at this point they mean (downnn...
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    Has anyone ever changed business name back to a previous one?

    Hi all.. Well things havnt been good, with new i have had to totally re think my path. The wonderfully enthusiastic hair stylist that started beginning of march was busy for a week and half then nothing and now gone...leaving me back to.....just me .... So after much soul...
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    Wax heater brands and sizes

    For all those who use peron rigot wax... Since i am starting back into beauty services...what wax heater would be recommeded for peron rigot waxes.. I know the strip wax comes in 800g a 1000cc heater recommended..i was lookin at hive...what other brands are suitable for the 800g...
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    S/E stylists now wants 75/25% split not 70/30

    hi quaick advice really to see how fair i am about to be.. i have finally found a wonderful stylist, who wants to work in a salon base bla blah blah.. i always said i woudl supply the backwash products, to me (being a non hairdresser) this means, towels, shampoo, conditioners, all...
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    Curiosity question, barber courses

    I will give them a ring this week, double check... Am not a hairdresser by trade, nail and beauty, i had to cut my hair training short (back at college moons ago) because of sever ecezma and dermatitis...never found the passion to re start tbh... Thanks ladies..x
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    Curiosity question, barber courses

    Ty...I thought maybe a level in hairdressing to enter training in barbery... Sarah x
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    Curiosity question, barber courses

    Hi all... Just a query really, to aplly for a barber course ...would there be any kind of qualifications needed prior?.. Just looked on local college website, there is NVQ level barber but doesnt state any entry quals at all.. Sarah x
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    Perron Rigot wax - amazing

    Hi all.. So glad i found thread as looking for a waxing system...perron rigot seems very popular, and imhave just sat and watched some waxing vids on you tube with kim lawless...demonstrating... Havnt waxed in years so scared lol...i loved waxing... Looking forward to buying into this...
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    Re-aquainting with beauty services

    Hi ladies.. I am fully qualified as a beauty therapist, IHBC in 1992 ...worked over 2 -3 years approx in salons... I came out of the trade, i re trained about 5years ago with nail serrvices... but now i have my own salon i am sorting out my beauty room... I will be offering treatments i...
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    Commission split for self employed, limits and capping

    Just a quickie... Does any other owner cap their s/e therapists at when comission split reaches certain amount, it wont go over ... Hope that made sense i am tired,, Sarah x
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    Beauty room couch or chair? Design tips

    Thank you...yes am probably going to need the chair to couch...i think i may have to go and look at one to decide... I Hate interior designing lol... Sarah x
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    Beauty room couch or chair? Design tips

    Thank you Stephanie.. Your room looks really nice and airy....wish mine was more square lol.....i have no window either... Sarah
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    Client compensation!

    I would have taken a picture there an then of the said line of tint...and tell her it was for her X