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  • hi

    please can you help me with my assignment about that client x has dry skin the one you did in 2007 am also stuck.

    thank you
    Hi Zena just wanted to say a huge thank you for my SS pressie I haven't opened it it went straight under my tree :lol:

    Hope you have a fantastic Christmas :hug:
    Just read your blog... thinking of you Zena :hug:
    Don't go doing anything else daft, remember you have your son to think about, and hold fire on everything else until you've seen the solicitor.
    hello mum. im getting to know this website abit better now lol.
    ive posted a new thread abit my left handed waxing so lets see if i get any help as you know how hard it is for me..

    wb xxx
    Yep it was, you can get from Sweet Squared. How are you hun? hope your well.

    Luv Kel x
    Just to let you know that you are 4th on dvd 1 list. After 4 went missing before it is a pre-requisite that anyone on the list has to agree to send it on by recorded delivery and that way we can keep track of them.
    You should receive your copy in about 3 weeks.

    Your mailbox is full which is why i have had to post her instead of a pm.
    Hi Hun I asked Clare & I think she has same box as you and she says she has never been told otherwise & never had any probs as long as they re kept seperate & not rolling together. Hope that makes sense :) I LOVE Brisa I found it sooo easy to work with!! X
    hey zena hope your doing ok, great day on tuesday hope you got lots out of it xx hope the back is a bit better xx clare xx
    Will do, I need to ask that anyway coz my brush at the minute has nowhere to store so gotta look into that! spk soon xx
    Hi Hun yeah I enjoyed it! I used my new brush today feelin bit more confident now but seriously my l&p was settin within 30 secs on tues I was panickin!! LOL maybe coz room was so warm but ended up ok. Got brisa on Friday :) can't wait!! X
    me too zena xx just make sure you got all those ??? for me !!!!! going to be a fab day xxx
    hey mum.

    just want to ask you how do i upload my profile picture on my profile like you have your nails on there. i want to put a picture of me on there lol i dont have a clue. wb xx
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