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  • lol I took a 2 year break but am back again, has changed lots I guess but I missed it :)
    I was looking at your videos on youtube and u are amazing at the nails!
    You use Avolve, is this in the UK yet?
    Thank you and happy new year..
    Hi, just wondered if it's you that has uploaded some step by steps onto "youtube" x
    Hey - I just had to comment on your home working post;-

    "Toilet Tanning?

    Waxing in the wardrobe?

    Holistic Hallways?

    Beauty in the bathroom?

    Gynaecologist Garage?

    Waxing in the wardrbe will stay will me for a long time :)

    Respect and much x for keeping the pros in the 'office', Jx
    It also gives you a valid reason to raise another glass to toast your belated birthday, can't get better than that lol... I'll come back tomorrow and do it all over again, this could catch on :lol:
    I am going to 2nd what sky said. But I have been spending months watching them! I learn more every time! Thanks for your art!
    I spent the afternoon watching and learning from your videos and just wanted to shout out a big thank you for making them available to us. They made some things much more understandable to me. The avolve powders also look fab!
    Just seen your nails on the thread Do people know what a good set of salon nails should look like, and Carl, they are Fab! Maybe with enough practise and a lot more training, I can hope to create nails like that!
    aww bless ya lol and thanks for accepting my friendship!

    Sorry to hear that the promos didnt go as well as you'd hoped, pointless wasting your energy isnt it if it doesnt work. Don't you just dislike people who expect summat for nowt :rolleyes:

    and thanks for that last comment about me mum, it made me laugh out loud!!

    anne xx
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