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  • Good I'm glad I made your night, hope you got some good plans too. Mines quiet this year, I lost my mum in September so it doesnt feel just right but I have some nice plans and I'm looking forward to it in an odd kind of way.

    BTW just reading back how was your promotion on the 3rd?

    anne xx
    Tried to send this as a PM but your inbox is full:

    Hi Carl

    I just saw that you was online and I want to take this opportunity to wish you a

    :hug: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :hug:

    I know I have thanked you before but I would also like to thank you again for your fabulous online video resouces on your NailZoo website. I sometimes don't think you get enough credit for this and also I always enjoy reading your posts and find them very educational and informative. I know at times you get some undeserved flack for voicing your opinion.

    I hope you have a well deserved rest over the holidays.

    Speak later!

    anne xx
    Yes made sure it was bone dry and they are perfect woo hoo!!! and i really did think they would have to join their comrades in the dead brush pot (cant bear to chuck them either lol) thanks again x
    Hi just wanted to say thnks as i read a post of urs about sorting out contaminated brushes, wouldnt have even thought of it but since they were very poorly indeed!! i though what the hell and gave it a go, im now the proud owner of 2 lovely shiny CND brushes almost as good as new! :)
    Hi, just wanted too say i think your works fantastic caught a few of you nail videos on the internet they look so natural im very impressed anyway just wanted to let you know and say hi really:hug:
    LMFAO @ gynaecologist and plastic....... :lol:

    You're on a roll today hunny, I've laughed out loud at a few of your comments :hug:
    Good luck on the 3rd. Lets hope it turns it to a regular thing if thats what you want. Also when you look at it that way, its a lot of money. btw I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your online tutorials, when I get stuck I tend to check your site and see if the answer is there.
    Hi, just wanted to say that I think your nightclub nails venture is such good idea, good luck with it, hope you continue to get new and long lasting clients from it! anne
    Yep, missed you as well! Read your thread and saw your pics. Fan-bloody-tastic is all I can say. What a wonderful business opportunity for you. Babs x
    Great to see you back posting...the site has been a bit dull without your wit & style of late!!!
    Ive just been watching some of your work on YouTube. Ive gotta say your brilliant. Wish you were a bit closer to me lol. :D

    I hope you don't mind me PM'ing you. I am totally fascinated by your work and envy you. Anyway, I have purchased some dual system forms ( I think you used them on one of your videos on youtube) and I have had a problem sizing the largest form to the thumb nail. The forms just don't seem large enough for some people's thumb nails!!!! do you know how I can make these fit? I have qualified with EN, but am having a 1:1 foundation course in L&P with creative next week. I know some people are reluctant to share information, which is why I am asking you via PM. I think I will make future purchases from sweet squared.


    Hi Carl, haven't seen you about on the geek site much lately, i hope all is well with you. Just thought i'd drop by and say hi to my fave turorial maker! lol
    Well take care and hope to see you around soon.
    Thought Id drop by and say Hi cos I haven't spoke to you for sometime. Hope all is going well for you :)
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