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  • I wanted to rep you but unfortuately Ive already used that on you already lol on the thread about newbies bluffing, great thread and well said!! mwah x x
    Love your photos of you!! stunning!!
    Sue x
    hey hun...ive seen some of your nail tutorials on youtube! and also your website i just want to say your amazing at nails and your an inspiration to me as im wanting to get into the nail services career and be the best i can be im currently not doing any training in nails but have applied for a vtct level 2 nail services course through my local college and also got given a EN acrylic tip & overlay kit which ive had abit of practice with..just thought i would let you know how you have inspired me to want to do nails even more!!!

    heyhey, i was told i should message you and say hi so, "hi".

    still trying to figure out my way round this site lol. hows u?
    Carl you and your talent never cease to amaze me. Your youtube videos are outstanding. Thank-you for showing the world.
    Hi, I just want to say thanks for posting all your videos. I've learned alot about 'PopIts' from them. I really appreciate you taking the time to film and post them!

    After reading your and geeg's conversation, I just gotta ask, are you a Days of Our Lives fan? :)
    Well you'll have to mooch about a little more often then!! I certainly won't be blogging every day that is for sure .. my life is definitely not that interesting. Hope you're OK. How did your campain against bouncers go?
    Ahhh we must have just been 'contacts' then lol...
    Yup you should come to the UK, how cool would that be !
    Take care Carl :xxx
    I thought we was already friends !!!!!!
    I can't believe we weren't ....shocking
    How are you anyway come down from the Gigi trip yet ?
    :hug: xxx
    Hi , just wanted to say all the very best for the New Year,
    I love the minxed toe nail on your little Doggy,
    what a great Idea to Minx the Dog ,
    Carl, can you please email me I messaged you some time ago and haven't heard from you. Thanks. aj1
    i loved reading your post, was going to reply about how excited i was that you and gigi who offer so much advice got to finally meet each other and would have love to have been a fly on the wall with both your passions about the industry bouncing off the salon walls....but got to the next page and it had been closed :-(
    it is a shame i would have posted all over the site if i were me ;) glad you had fun thought dont let it take away from that :)
    Sorry but i couldnt post on your blog :( just wanted to say i loved reading all about your meeting with geeg :) xx
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