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  • hi there
    many thanks for you friend request been looking at your photos on Facebook and the nail safe absolutely fabulous when are your dates for the nail art course over the next few months ???
    Lisa x
    Hi there! Im ashamed to say that after living in Cardiff for 7 years, I have never been anywhere near Cwmbran. I did have a lovely friend from there, but we lost contact a few years ago. You do nail training courses dont you?
    Caroline xx

    Thank you for wanting to be my friend;)
    Great picture with you and Greg!!

    greetings Elisabeth
    Just checked my e-mails and had an invoice from the company I ordered the hearts off. They're called designsonpine xx
    Ok keep me posted about the whitening techs arrival, as for nails I am fine for the min with EZ flow.. see how I progress through the year and get to know other systems too :)
    Oooh teeth whitening! I might have a look at that, when do you think you might have that up and running?
    Hello! I found you on twitter so followed you as @glam_glam_nails ... will probably get to pass by your salon next year and say hello! Merry christmas xx
    Hi .....been a tech for about a year and just getting started... loving it tho but it is very hectic.. where are you based?
    cwmbran!not too far from cardiff then!!are u a nail geek?im just starting up so any advice is welcome!!lol xx

    Thanks for the friend request & msg. Nice to know other peeps from the same area!
    Hope your ok, will have a sneaky peek thru ur pics later as i can see others peoples comments below!!
    Laura x
    Great cant wait getting excited now, Im goner buy loads of young nail colours so I will be pestering you for your opinions nearer the time lol.
    Duh ........... we already discussed that yoour stayin over from the Sat, I forgot sorry
    Are you going on the Sunday too? Will have to sort out time etc and meet for coffee break.
    Whoop thats great bet your so excited, you will do great your nails are looking so fab.
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