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    Some advice please...

    Try jazzing up french manicures too, by addings flowers, rhinestones, dots, flicks, swirls, the list is endless!! Xx
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    moving house-finally!

    Good luck with the move!!!! I'm in the process of moving too, hopefully exchanging contracts next week (finally!) Xx
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    Touch The Sausage!

    I don't know what anyone else thinks, but it seemed to me that the parents needed supernanny more than the kids did! :irked: Maybe Jo should have sent the mum and dad onto the naughty step for attempting to force-feed them and arguing in front of them!!
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    Makeup only £1.00

    Oooh, can't wait for mine to arrive now! I placed an order on Monday too after reading this! Their sales must have soared over the past few days cos I've told everyone I know about it and nearly everyone has placed an order!! :D Still don't know how they can sell it for £1.00!!
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    Hi Mell, I noticed in your profile that you trained with the Carlton Institute? I did my beauty therapy courses there and when you first get the nvq packs, it is very confusion. Don't even try and work it out for yourself first, call up head office at Carlton and they will explain everything...
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    solutions range in Manicure and pedicure

    I've used the solutions range for manicure. The fragrance is lovely, and the hand cream is very silky.
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    What do you think?

    Wow, they are fab!! You should be proud!
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    Doing a 1-2-1 really helped me too. And keep practicing on as many friends/family etc rather than actual clients for the time being. Hopefully your friends and family will be more understanding and patient to allow you to perfect your nail skills. :hug:
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    What equipment to take when mobile

    It depends if you already have anything to take with you, how portable it is etc. I find with pedicures I have to take my own chair cos otherwise my back is killing me afterwards. I did also go through a phase of taking a table with me and leaving in the car just in case they didn't have...
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    What equipment to take when mobile

    Hi, I take my own chair for doing pedicures, but for nails I can normally manage with what they have in their home. There's always a way round it, using an ironing board is always a good one if they don't have a table! hth XX
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    I'm guilty too! :o I've been registered for ages but haven't posted for nearly a year but I've been 'lurking' in the background. I've stopped offering enhancements to clients for the time being (have just concentrated on the beauty side of my business) as I feel I need to get back to basics and...
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    I'd like to buy a nail trainer

    Hi there, I have a nail trainer for sale and few other bits you may be interested in. PM me if you would like to know more. I also live in Herts. Thanks. Natalie
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    1 Day Beauty Courses

    IMO I think one day beauty courses are fine as a starter course, but as with anything; further training is essential as well as practice, practice, practice. Skills are developed over time, not just in one day. Having done a few one-day courses myself, I wouldn't not recommend them but I...
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    Help! New Client - MMA

    Hi, me again! (Sorry if you are all sick of reading about this but just thought I'd share with you how it went yesterday!) When I got there I explained to the client that I wasn't going to do a removal but simply re-balance the existing so-called "enhancements" using my product. After having a...
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    How do you assess your maximum mobile areas

    Hi, I judge each case on an individual basis. I don't state how far I will travel in fear it will lose me valuable business. When a client phones up, if all they want is an eyebrow shape but they live 8 miles away then I will not do it as it is now worth my while however if they phone up and...