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  • Hi,
    sorry for the delay in replying only just noticed your post
    4 x Cleanse 59ml - unopened
    glaze n go 15ml - unopened
    glaze n go 7ml -unopened
    body builder french pink 15g
    2 x builder clear 7g - unopened
    i worked it out that this would cost about £66 to buy new so would like a
    round £40 hope that sounds fair
    thanks karen
    hi sarah.. i do use that sometimes but was told by my trainer at college that its not always necessary unless the client has oily skin or u notice other things such as nail biters?? do u recommend using all the time?
    Sorry to be nosey, but i noticied your convo with jlburkhardt... When you explained your prep, you didnt mention about using nail pure plus?? That blue liquid dehydrates the nail from oils and sanitizes it... I find if you dont use the Nail Pure Plus then it can cause lifting, and i was told that you only have 3 minutes from applying that to start on your acrylics or gels as the oils in the nail plate will start to produce again which is what causes lifting....
    Hope ive helped! xx
    Have you tried using Vanish? Perhaps there is still some non-living tissue on the nail plate that is causing the lifting.
    Could you tell me which products you are using (acrylic/gel) and quickly go through your prep steps? With a little more detail, I can try and help or find someone else who can.
    Thanks for your PM. Glad to have ben of some help & good to hear you've got some mojo back. Hope it proves worthwhile.
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