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  • Hi again,

    omg just realised who you are Ive been looking at your academy and Im soooooo envious why oh why have they not got something like that where I live. I saw your advert for a Masters course and I would love to give that a go. Ohwell nevermind maybe I will have to buy a plane lol xx
    Hi, if it was the UFO sighting that occurred over 20 years ago then I have heard of it. I stay behind dechmont hill where it was supposed to have happened. There were lots of rumours going about at the time though and I dont really know what the full story was. Do you know any more about it? xx
    hiya Natalie - i will need to pop in for a lookie! - i havent been well for a little while and still not ready to work yet, boohoo! but thank you for letting me know, hope all is going well in the academy! xx
    Hi, I hope you don't mind me messaging you but you replied to one of my posts and you said you trained in Entity! I'm having real problems with cracking and my trainer is away for a week!!!! I have a brides nails to do next week and I'm absolutley terrified that they will crack, I'm getting very frustrated as I'm a bit of a perfectionist and like to do my best. Why are they cracking??? any help would be great, sorry if I'm bothering you! Jayne xx
    Have you moved yet? Need to buy solution today but noones answering the usual number so dont know where to go lol x
    Thats amazing, will be such a good place for people passing and seeing everything yous do. Ill try and nip away from work for a while and come in past :)
    I think it's on its way, as I told you I was so busy with my dissertation. Will you go to the the Scottish Beauty Show? What is that actually, I have no idea as I've spent days and nights in library...
    Thanks for your help. I think I might have the problem sorted for now.
    Next time I am passing I'll pop in for a few things and see whats new,
    I will have to try the bebeau aswell, is it like berins blue?
    What? OMG, Did I write you address correctly or what did I do wrong? PM me again dear, I'm so sorry to hear that...
    Hi Natalie, I'm really happy but been busy with my dissertation. How are you doing? Is it so freezing up there at Aberdeen??? Have you received my scarf yet?
    oooo absolutly! id pay obviously! i was meaning to ask you if i can actually purchase Nfu.Oh powders from yourselves?

    Ta hun :D
    hey Natalie :)

    Yeh i did thanks :D ive been playin a little with it and am doing my mums nails at weekend so will use it then.

    Thanks Very much :D
    Hows you?
    Just wondering if you know anywhere i can get a priori peel? Also do you have the Vani-t liquids in yet? xx
    Hi Natalie......had one of the best Christmas and New Years ever!!
    Hope yours went well too!
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