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    Please help me! "inflight beauty therapy"

    Hiya, Just a thought but if it was travelling you wanted to do then why not apply for a cabin crew job,if you've worked in a salon this is the type of person they are looking for, good with people etc. You could then do your beauty therapy mobile around your flight schedules. Also you'd get...
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    Solar Manicures

    Thanks for the replies,thats helped a lot I really appreciate it. I will look into the heated mitts idea as an extra luxury as well. Do you find you get more call for enhancements or manicures? I know enhancements are always wanted but Im thinking the short coloured look is really in at the moment.
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    Solar Manicures

    Hi Geeks, I just wanted some info from anyone who uses the Creative Solar Manicure range. What levels of manicure do you offer? The luxury manicure would be using all the products but do you offer different types of manicure using just the solar manicure for example and leaving out the solar...
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    Percentage of Earnings for room?

    Hi geeks, Ive just been speaking to the owner of a new tanning place thats opened up in my area, he said there's a room I could use for nails, he would just take a percentage of my earnings for the room. Any of you had experience with this, is this a better option than a flat rate? Also I...
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    Do you use shop bought varnish

    There isn't much difference in price for some of the products anyway so I would always stick to the professional ones. I have Creative and I can say that the over the counter ones I have that I use on myself sometimes are so not the same quality. The over the counter ones I have go gloopy, the...
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    Never filed a nail in my life - training!

    Hiya, I can't comment on Le Chat because I have no experience of them so no idea what the course will be like. Is it 2 days over a few weeks or just 2 straight days? Im sure it will give you a basic understanding of your chosen system, but also you'll need to follow it up with loads of...
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    Does your polish take forever to dry?

    Oh I see! well I think Ill use the oil on myself and others from now on then!
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    Does your polish take forever to dry?

    Does anyone know if there is any truth to putting your hands in freezing cold water to harden the nail polish? I havn't tried it on anyone else because its not too much of a pleasant experience for them, but I always do it after Ive painted my own nails. Its something Ive done ever since I was...
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    Cuticle work - How do you feel about it

    Eewww and Eeew to the last two posts!! Can't say Ive had anything like that, but I have a sensitive tummy and don't know how you weren't sick :lol: I like the end result of cuticle work, sense of achievement and that but really don't like the gunk that comes off, but Im a bit funny with lots...
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    should I ask clients to cut their own nails?

    Just to add, the gunk that comes off during PREP, eeww, I don't like it :irked: Glad when that parts over!
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    Nails Inc

    Hi, I can't comment on the treatments but their polishes are really nice, they have a lovely brush and go on really well. You can get their starter pack from Beauty Express and it comes with training manuels on how to carry out the treatments. HTH x
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    Cnd Video

    Hi, I don't know how much the video is but I beleive it's in the Hyperion Group Catalogue so have a look in there if you've got it. Otherwise you could always book a one to one with your educator and explain what you need help with, Im sure that would be worthwhile. Read the tutorials on...
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    Nail art without a course?

    Thanks for that! Ill have a look at Nailtopia and the video when I get home (im at work at the mo ha ha!) Im looking forward now to getting stuck in :) xx
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    Training for Up Do's

    Hi Everyone, I wonder if any of you know of any courses for up do's / bridal hair? And if so can you be trained to do this standalone with no other training in hairdressing? Thanks x x