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  • Hi Nataliya, Hope you don't mind me asking, but i have been having a nosy on your face book page, recently you have some with what looks like hotoski drops on the end, Shellac design. Look fab,x Can i ask how you did these,as i had a play and they didn't spread like yours look. Or were they done with additives, that i must invest in. Vickyx.
    Hi hun. I have a question that I know you will be able to answer. I had a client in a few days ago, she had her nails shellac'd in wildfire apart from her ring finger which was a black cross, which was matt not shiny, underneath the red ??. How would this have been done...I'm lost haha. Donna xxx
    What brushes do you use Nataliya, the ones I have seem to drag the colour off with them when doing fine lines etc. Your work is amazing, you don't want an apprentice do you lol!
    hi nataliya, i think on one of your threads you mentioned vrush brushes, i was wondering if you have also used the coloured gels listed on the same site as these brushes and if you did, how did you find them? thanks susan
    Hey, all of your art work is amazing! Im not as artistic as you by a looonngg shot which is why im so konad mad! I would like to start some free hand work, what paints/ink/pens etc do you use? I do do.shellac but never manage to get good get from it! Any pointers would also be appreciated as you so know what to do and how to rock the nail arts and make them flawless :) xx
    wow you have really inspired me to push nail art again. I can have boring clients!!!! so gonna push it. Thanks. xx
    Hello, I seen you mentioned in a post that Fingernail Fixer had a video on youtube about how best to apply Iced Cap Shellac. I had a look but couldnt find it. do you have a name for this video, I'd like to see it. Thanks x
    Wow! One word describes your work .... awesome!

    All your Brisa and shellac art is amazing!!!!

    Love seeing all your pictures!
    Привет Наталия! I love your work!
    Just been looking at your nail art, it is aaammmaazzinng. I've just done a nail technician course and come on this site for info and always hoped to be good at nail art. Think I've got a long, long way to go. Wish I could be as good as you. Is Shellac one of your favourite products? Hope you don't mind me asking, just wish I could fast forward and do amazing stuff like you.....I'm actually now think I'm crap at blinking nails after seeing yours. Never mind, head down, and will try hard. Very impressed. Thanks for sharing you pics. Nickey x
    Hi Nataliya, you have amazing work! Which brand of product do you use for your nail art? thanks!!
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