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  • Nateice

    just wondering where you advertise for your guinea pigs

    Ive just done an eyelash extensions course and am running out of friends who will let me practice on them

    Thank you so much for all your help, you have been the only who has replied. I have been doing lots of practicles, i just need to start rcording them now into case studies. I have done all of the written for my theory although I have not started on the anatomy yet. I will try searching on youtube that sounds very helpful.

    Best wishes and thanks again.
    With the practical, my advice to you is to practice what you need to in order to do the assessment. The real learning will come after that once you enter employment or do further product training (this perhaps sounds frustrating but product training is good all the same). Make sure that for even the smallest amount of practice you do, you fill out a case study/client form. Also, youtube is very helpful. If you seach for "lash perm college" and "lash tint college" there's actually a college in the UK that has put up tutorials specifically for this. I found that this helped me a lot.

    The practical assessment day is a long one and not everyone passes first time (a minority do in my experience). Best advice I can give is crack on with your portfolio and get that sent off in order that you can attend a practical day in the hope of passing some units and then finding out what you need to do to pass others.

    It's not easy but it can be done! Best of luck with it and let me know how you get on :)
    It is stressful isn't it. If you're new to beauty and you're trying to do the practical and theory on your own then it can be stressful. In hindsight I would have gone to college for my level 2. Being more spoonfed and all that.

    However. It CAN be done :) Best way forward is regarding the theory, give them a call and say you need someone to go over it with you bit by bit over the phone. This helped in terms of it making more sense. Ironically I think the hardest part with the theory is not the actual beauty knowledge (google and beauty textbooks are your friend) but knowing what to write where. They should help you with that because that's how I managed.
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