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  • Hi Nat. I passed my Master Painter. It was such a fun day. Hope everything is well with you.
    Hi Natalie. I love the name. Carl did my logo and I love it. Master Painter is next month. I am way beyond nervous. I am FREAKING out, lol. Maz has been really nice and I went down to hers last week for a Shellac day. I'm going to go again right before the class just to go over everything and make sure I have everything down. When you get your website up and running let me know as I would love to see it.
    Thanks for the info Natalie. That's too bad about the name. Let me know when you think of something else. Xx
    Hi Nat,

    How are you?

    I just wanted to ask you about the Build It class. How did you find it and did you learn more than just repairing a broken nail? I'm thinking of booking this soon.

    Yes I'm going to Olympia. I'm trying to save my pennies. It's not working out to well with all these class's and having to get all the Shellac colours for them. The good news is I have started taking on clients and by doing a special offer I have 4 booked this week so hopefully that will continue on. I need the money for more class's, lol.
    Hi Nat. I did book my Master Painter!! I'm doing it on August 11 with Maz. I wanted to do the polished nail next month but my husband cannot get the day off work. Ruth told me that I would have no problems passing but I am FREAKING OUT!! Lol. The Shellac Art and Style was so much fun. Have you booked a date for the polished nail?
    I just saw that they changed The Polished Nail for Vinylux and as it is a natural nail class, Ruth will be offering it. Yeah!!!!! I'm not sure if I am ready for the Masters but Ruth said I am. I am so SCARED though!!!!!!!
    I'm glad you enjoyed the class's. I'm looking at doing my master painter either next month or in August with Maz101 who I met in the class. It would be great if you could do it with us. I'm also looking at doing the polished nail with Ruth as they have redone it for Vinylux. I will be broke but well educated. Lol.
    Hello. I just wanted to say hi and see how your class's went with Ruth? I did the Shellac Art and Style class today and it was fantastic.
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