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  • Hi natsel have commented on your blogs x I hope things are getting a bit better for you now x :hug: I also put a few dairy free sugestions down for you
    :lol: lol x good luck with the diet elimination x minky
    Hi, I am sorry I am such a dork I just realised that I had posted this to myself Doh :eek:

    Hey natsel :) am doing ok I have been making party food all day , for my Daughters friends 18th party I dont know why I get all the good jobs lol x how about you ? what you been up to ?
    Hi, oh a summer cold that sucks , hope it goes away soon , I dont often get colds but when I do , I get really bad stinkers that last for ages and go straight to my chest too :) lol x
    Hi natsel just popped in to say hello and was wondering how you are :)
    hope you are well hugs :hug::hug: x minky
    Hi Natsel, Thank you ,
    I love different bleaches , I am a bleach fiend lol x
    Hi Natsel , you are very welcome , x
    I know you are a hairdresser ,
    but sometimes I tend to give longer answers and more suggestions just in case students may be reading it too , x
    hope you dont mind x minky
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my body painting. Glad you liked the flowers and dolphins - that was my first painting for about 5 or 6 months, and it felt as though I was a little bit out of practice, although it worked out fine in the end. Did you see the other album with some earlier work of mine too?
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