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  • aww bless them... yes, I used up my bad behaviour on Friday night LOL
    They were both gorgeous and total sweethearts :hug: xxx
    Omg just went and read it just about spat my juice out all over the laptop lmao
    Bet you have never been able to look at a Malteser the same again!? :lol::lol:
    Hey Fiona I'm feeling much better tummy seems to have settled down thankfully just making sure I have plenty of my meds and am not eating anything different from now til Friday :lol:
    Cant wait to see you all again it is going to be a fantastic weekend :hug:
    liking your avatar by the way...are you trying to count your fingers there....
    Hi hun, it was soooo lovely seeing you yesterday in Birmingham. Hope you had a fab day. xxx
    I'm going back to my book, bought a few with my Amazon voucher, 3 of which are by Karen Rose, fantastic author, read 2 of hers before and they're totally gripping! :green:
    I have some of your nail graphix glitters and im loving the colours but am a bit confused how much acrylic you put in each. I have just used the illusion tonight and mixed it with pink creative powder to the top of the jar. When I use it, it seems to need more acrylic to be able to be used and I dont want to just keep adding more powder.. Also the uptown girl has been filled up to the top but doesnt seem to have no where near enough acrlic powder. Is there somewhere I can get a list of colours and how much powder to put in each. I have about 12 colours at the moment. I would love to buy some more colours as I really love them all but am struggling with them. Would you be able to give me some advice, I have looked on salon geek but not not finding what I need to know. Thanks you. Abi
    Hope he gets back ok... are you having to pick him up from somewhere or is he making his own way all the way back?
    You are so right, it would be a nightmare to be sat waiting and knowing we couldn't get here... how spooky though that today would have been And's return flight, he got a text from Ryanair to tell him about the flight cancellation, an hour after he should have taken off pmsl
    Definitely a case of divine intervention me thinks :wink2:
    Good grief!!!!!!!!! But... better to get back that way than not at all. You've managed to speak to him then?

    I've been watching the news and the CAA have now said all airports closed until tomorrow morning so it's been extended already... damn volcano!
    Fingers crossed it clears soon, can't be doing with transferring flights etc, although we will if we have to of course, it's just a PITA that I could do without xx
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