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  • Fiona, that discussion thread I have just posted about a separate pro only board came about because Geeg posted me a PM and told me to do a new thread as I had mentioned it on another thread because other posters had also mentioned about amateurs just coming on here and getting hints and tips etc etc.
    My perfect French Martini couldn't be easier!
    1 measure of Chambord, 2 measures of Vodka (preferably Raspberry Smirnoff but any will do) 4 measures of pineapple juice. Shake well with ice and serve in a martini glass with a fresh raspberry on top.
    Enjoy your chambord. Got the recipe for a perfect French Martini if you need it. xx (It's also nice in champagne)!
    hi love, no Im in the UK at Bootcamp just now!! lol Simon and our home is fine we are quite far north of Lorca and Murcia thank goodness but we have had tremors before so not out of the question. Thanks for thinking of me XXX
    Have you seen the 'surprising thing about yourself' thread? It's fab!
    We need to keep an eye on Susie at the dinner table though LOL
    Hi naturalnails...i figured as much, as i am fairly new to start a group....i would like to see one started...
    Don't kid yourself ... !! plenty going on upstairs in your own attic!! lol
    Thanks chick!! Glad to be back and t see your good news too!! Clever girls. x
    Hi Fiona .. no not home yet, but I just happened to log in and see that post about 3 minutes after she posted it. Maybe because I'm in the same hemisphere!! lol Anyhoo I will be back in Spain on March the 26th or thereabouts so will see you then. xxx
    Bless you Fi - are you going to Scotland Show - you would be back with your roots and we might be able to grab a coffee for a change xox
    That was the very first time I have ever had my nostril waxed! We did the other one today and hopefully I have a video of it too I can put on here to show how it really is painless.
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