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  • Hi Gina, sorry I've only just looked on here aswell. Am in the process of moving but will definately get in touch to try out these gels.
    Hi Gina. I've been hearing quite abit about NCO gel and wondered if there was anyone in the Essex area that offered this gel for me to have a look at. I currently use Bio Sculpture but am always on the look out for a new gel. xx
    Just saying hi going on my conversion course with Becky in Manchester next week, had a play with some of the colours think there great x
    Hi Urban Geek

    Thanks for the compliment :)

    We won't be exhibitng at the shows this year, purely because we have had such a hectic year launching the brand and my baby is only 10 months old :)
    I am so busy with the products, I am doing a LOT of training courses and have been supporting new Educators and Distributors... There are not enough hours in my day to do a show this year :)

    If you want a free demo though, you are most welcome to visit any of our Educators :)

    Gina xxxxxx
    Hi Gina, I have heard a lot about NCO gels and I am interested in trying them out. Will you be exhibiting at Olympia or Manchester? Thanks! (I liked the feature in Pro Beauty - well done!)
    oh and one of our customers posted on my facebook that it looks good over dark pink. I put it in the salon for the girls today and they called me all in a fluster of excitement!! all over a gel!! xxxx
    Thanks for great workshop on Sunday. Love the 'Frozen Shimmer' so much! Showed the girls at the salon today and they were just open mouthed! My new fave gel! x
    :)Hey huni, hows you?
    just a quick question you said you have got some new pearl white french tips in just wondering how much,and wondered if you got a picture of them x :hug:
    Hey huni:) thanks for your advise I will give it ago, praps do a set on my mummy first:lol:,
    dont want to do them on the Bride first hehehe. oh I'm still new on here learnig how to do things, Ive put you in my friends, I was clicking on here there and ever where,so I dont know if I've sent you add afriend :rolleyes:
    Thanks again x
    If anyone wants to find me on facebook, look for Gina Brooke Wavell and my group NCO GEL NAILS. I've got loads of pics and ideas on there xx
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