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    What’s the best light for taking nail photos?

    Hi everyone, I’m after a really good desk lamp that will be great for taking nail photos, can anyone help please?
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    Advice needed on mobile storage

    Thank you for getting back to me. The problem with trolleys is that they are hard to handle and when everything's together it's very heavy. I've been thinking about not taking as much with me and distributing the weight. I'm just not sure what case/bags to get instead. I could ask clients to...
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    Advice needed on mobile storage

    Hi everyone I'm mobile at the moment and have the Roo beauty monsoon trolley. I am pregnant and worry every time I lift my case in and out the car as its so big and heavy. I'm trying to find two smaller bags/cases that won't be so hard to handle and can't decide on what to get next. I find the...
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    E-file training?

    Last April I trained in acrylic extensions, it was a massive boost to my business and it's going better than I hoped. I was thinking of doing efile training, has anyone added this training on and how are you finding it? If anyone could tell me about their experience I'd love to hear it :)
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    Setting up my own nail business

    Hi Lisa, next year I'm planning on converting my garage into a salon, just wondering if there are any regulations or anything in particular you had to do? Xx
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    Could you tell me what lamp you use to take photos please?
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    Is this a greenie? Please help (pic below)

    Don't tell me off as I've not been in this situation (and hopefully won't). If someone came with a 'greenie' would you leave it until it grows out and not put anything else on the nail?
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    Gelish buy 3 get 4th free!

    Nail harmony or Sally's
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    Gelish buy 3 get 4th free!

    I've been waiting for this offer all year long :) what's everyone planning on buying?
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    Which way to go?

    From college I worked in a fast paced salon for two years. I'm very happy I did this as it made me confident, I got experience in various treatments and experience in dealing with customers. I think it's a great thing to have a goal but you need to be patient about how to get there. I...
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    First steps?

    Maybe you're better off starting with a brand you're wanting to use in the future? You can do all your training with nail harmony (Gelish) or shellac (I'm not sure who does the training). I've not heard great things when people do their training with salon services etc as its very quick and basic :)
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    Urban Cowgirl Gelish collection comparisons

    Thank you! Xx
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    Filing toe nails?

    Just keep practising and you'll get there. If she has very short bitten nails you could advise her that they may not last as long as normal as her nails are very short, if she has any problem to contact you. That way you've told her up front and she won't be expecting miracles!
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    Urban Cowgirl Gelish collection comparisons

    Brilliant thank you! Do you have any photos of them? Xx
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    Filing toe nails?

    Ask the client what length they're wanting their toe nails. Explain that gel on toes does last longer than fingers, advise to take them quite short (I normally take them down to the skin). Toes are quite fiddly to file so don't feel awkward. Prep is exactly the same as fingers, you don't want...