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  • Not too bad hun, bit run down from all that mad rushing about. Got a bit of a cold coming I think. Just trying to sort my life out before the wedding on Friday :) I'll start scanning the notes in my laptop now so I can get them over to you ASAP x
    Hello, really lovely to meet you.

    Hope everything is ok. Sent you 2 PM's, will sort PDF out ASAP.

    PM me your email address.

    H xxx
    Hi , how did you get on with your hair colour /
    hope its all good now xx minky x
    your welcome hun. i still think you should just pop back and let them know about your hair! afterall, they wouldnt want you being unhappy!!
    god few spelling mistakes there!! ive got a bad head today!! you catch my drift though!!!
    hi. urban tan wears really well obviosly moisturise moisurise moisturise .... the golden rule to keeping ypur tan paych free and looking great. it lasts about a week everyones skin type is different and this can vary sometimes lasting up to 2 weeks go on the web site and take a look if youve got a machine ask them to send you some samples colour is most natural ive ever used not orange!!!
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