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    Nail machine on Diabetics

    Hi, hope I can help you all, I am a nail tech and have been a Type 1 diabetic for 6 years now, I don't have thin skin around nails, and really wouldn't like to give a def answer to your problems, but if you phone this number which is the Diabetic Association in London, they are very very helpful...
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    Nail Geeks in Brum

    Hi I'm in Maxstoke, 8 mile from NEC let me know when u meet, new to this what occurs? Loo xxxxxx
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    buisness name

    Go for it girl:biggrin: Lets face it, at the end of the day, once you get started, and advertise well, your quality services and professionalism will certainly ensure that your clients understand and remember just what NV means. Go for it and good luck, stick with it, I found things to be...
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    buisness name

    I have to disagree. i think that name is a brill idea, because, don't you think that if you read that and couldn't quite work it out, that the human mind is naturally nosey and you'd keep looking at it until you worked it out. By this time your company name will well and truly be set in...
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    Client on fire!!!

    Hi, I smoke and have just been camping for two weeks, using proper coal and match type BBQ, never had any probs. I use Star nails GF21 gel, topped with their very useful Quattro Gel. Loo;)