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    Lash lift, what products to use?

    I'm loving the consistent results from Lashus also.
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    Struggling to recruit

    Im struggling to recruit a part time beauty therapist in Edinburgh. Have tried Facebook- paid ad and jobs section, indeed, contacted the local job centre and tried local college however due to holidays they won't help until students are back. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to try...
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    Stamping with Gelish?

    Stamping with a gel polish can be done but is more trouble than it's worth as you need to mask off the surrounding skin and becomes a bit of a faff. I use moyou London and creative play polishes and a mixture of moyou London and yours loves plates along with the new lecente stamper and the trick...
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    I am defeated in the world of dating

    Like picklepie I was just about to give up when I met my now husband. I met some real crackers tho! One with a glass eye who popped it out in his drink! One who actually made the newspapers for being a "bloater" - ex army and another ex army who pretended to be someone he wasn't to try and make...
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    Baby boomer nails

    Fee Wallace did a fb live and put the new Matt top coat on and it took away shimmer. Not got that yet to try it out though!
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    Baby boomer nails

    I've been having a play with the new lecente powders
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    And mine!
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    Sienna X or Fake Bake training?

    I did the Moroccan tan course a couple of months ago and love it!
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    Need a colour match

    Use the search on here as there's been posts in the past on layering Shellac to match using lush tropics, hot chillis and nude knickers
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    Need advice regarding a client

    Just wondering why she feels the need to change her gel? Is it not lasting? If it's just she fancies a change then why don't you suggest regular polish over her acrylics that way it makes it easier for everyone.
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    Shellac Iced Cappuccino not curing

    I've used it loads in the past with the old lamp with no problems and just recently got the new lamp! Ended up having to take it off and do something else and thankfully she has rebooked for 2 weeks time but just not the first impression I wanted to give! [emoji85]
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    Shellac Iced Cappuccino not curing

    Argh wish I'd seen this post before tonight! Just had this issue with a new client - first time with me and having Shellac and although she was completely understanding I felt so unprofessional!
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    Pop up nail bar in clothes shop

    Indeed! Hoping something else comes along soon! X
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    Pop up nail bar in clothes shop

    I decided not to go ahead with it as she changed her mind and thought it would only work at times when she was closed and that I used the fitting room for treatments [emoji53] x
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    Car for mobile?

    My friend had a duke once and was tiny inside. I have a Nissan xtrail (as 4 kids) but the boot is great and easily takes all my nail kit and table