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    Fantastic opportunity for lash extensionist in Islington

    Hi there, I have a great job op for an eyelash extensionist at my salon on Holloway Road, Islington. Islington is just one stop from King's Cross so is very easy to access. Hours to suit, can do evenings or daytimes, totally flexible. We can provide the space, clients, appointment system...

    Hair extensions suppliers

    Hi I'm new to extensions here in London and I am STRUGGLING to find nano tip hair extensions. I'm on Paul's Hair World, Kapello, Beauty Works and more..... where can I get these?!?!? It's just coming up with stick tip.

    Recruiting! Eyelash Extensions Tech in Islington London

    Hi girls, so I'm going away for a month (eek!) and need somebody to cover my eyelash extension clients. To be honest, I've had too many clients for a while now and it's taking over my life! I'm based in a salon on Holloway Road and am looking for a tech to come and work with me with hours to...

    Show us your lashes!

    Loving this thread! I specialise in spray tans but have just started doing lashes also. Just a question, are these all individual lash extensions? I've trained in individual but now seen that express is quite popular. If you know individual is express a walk in the park? I would...

    Cluster and party lashes

    Ok just some quick questions: 1. Which brand of cluster lashes and glue do you recommend? 2. Are the client's eyes shut as I've seen different ways of doing it 3. Do you use the eye pads as you usually would in semi perm individual lashes? 4. How much do you charge? Many...

    What facial brand to use?

    Lynne Baker you seem to be the Salon Geek GURU!!!! (girls, don't you all agree?) I'm looking to add facials to my salon and really want some advice. I want facials that deliver RESULTS!!!!! Do you have a website you could share with us Lynne, I want to know what are the hottest facial...

    What is your salon Facebook?

    This is my salon social media! Twitter: Youtube: Francesca Amber - YouTube Tumblr: Ever So Fabulous Thanks for looking!

    Which courses are we all doing in the New Year?

    I'm currently training in individual lash extensions, but have seen somewhere about training in 'column lashes' does anyone know what that is? I'm also thinking of doing HD brows - does anyone have opinions on best eyebrow course? HD, BDB or Kim Lawless???? Thanks

    Beauty room to rent in London - impossible?

    Hi, I've been running never too tanned full time for two years now. I specialise in spray tanning for corporate clients such as MTV and celeb clients as well as the usual locals too! I've been lucky enough to work from a home salon which was fab as we've been living in a modern penthouse 1 min...

    Employing assistant in home salon

    I run a home salon in London doing tanning, and she's just self employed. V easy. Good luck!

    Spray tanning prices?

    I'm lucky to be based in central London and charge £20 if they come to me or £40 if I go out to them.

    Natural face lift massage

    How would I go about booking a course for this/where is the best place to train in this? I.e. is there a specific name for it or something? Sounds fab! Also woulsdn'[t mind seeing before and after pics.

    Problems with leaky Sienna X spray tan machine, help!

    Thanks for all the replies guys. I will try that and if it fails buy a new thingy. Ps sienna I did leave a Vmail tonight - it's Francesca

    Problems with leaky Sienna X spray tan machine, help!

    Hi guys I've been using my maxi mist sienna machine for about 11 months now. I clean it very regularly and take good care of it. Just recently I've noticed whilst tanning it is bubbling up and coming out over the top of the cup!!!! Just to get some things out of the way: The pick up pipe...