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New girl Laura

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  • im sure it will help as i also bought one and i still use can practice till your fed up and you never get no complaints,lol.xx
    hi ya
    thanks so much babe the bhoys have had a fab day today at MGM hollywood studios. The mummy has been in the hot tub with the big glass of vino blanco..... HE HE HE .
    im not that good with technology either i was told about the macro setting by someone on not very good at doing my white with l&p so i tend to use gel as i find it much'll get there in the end you just need to find something that suits you.xx
    hi just been looking through your album and most of your pics are abit hard to see as there blurry do you have a macro setting on your camera it has a little symbol like a flower? if so this will allow you to take close up pics without the blurriness.xx
    Hi honey

    just back in and it is 12:30am in the morning going to have a wee class of wine now the boys have passed out before I go to bed so I can face the parks again in the morning.

    Remember an give me a call when you come home or pop or better still pop round when you get back.

    see ya soon
    oh Babe it just takes time and practice when I come home why not come over to the salon and just sit and watch me do nails one day and I will try and help as much as possible
    Hi blossom,

    Just wondering, how did you get your little pic of a mouse up? I have been searching for ages on how do get a picture of myself up like where you have your little mouse pic? Driving me mad!!


    New girl Laura x
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