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  • Hi I am Sarah ,I own a salon in Liverpool ,loved your feedback with Gegee on a post about nails lifting on nail stood up for yourself hunny...well done
    Thought I'd pop n say hi, hope your ok and say my heart tips arrived and when I get a moment, which is often lol I will have a go with them :) x
    I merged your bumpy to non bumpy gel your story is all together, makes for much better reading seeing the whole journey lol !To find your threads just go to your profile and click on statistics then your threads. Hope this helps.
    hi ya, i have problem with the gel extension. i used gelish hard gel. after apply the tip i used the ibd prep layer on nail and then primer cure 3 mins. aplly gel buider thin coat cure 1 mins, aplly the second coat thicker cure 1 mins in LED lamp and i used wipes remove sticky, aplly the third coat thiner cure 1 mins and remove sticky . finally aplly the top coat and remove sticly. i want more shinny so i used sealer aplly one more coat. so i dont know why the gel keep lifting. im really give up with gel, hope can u help me , thank s
    Going ok so far - not done many as this is my week off but got a bit of practice in. Just my timings need to come down. By about an hour! How about you?
    Hiya, I was on the Brisa course with you in Bournemouth last week. Hope you are doing ok! :)
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