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    Dodgy enquiries for massage

    Its definitely the entitled male attitude. I had more than a handful when I started out by myself but since I established a while now it's rare. When it has occurred I circulated the persons numbers to every therapist in my area with cctv pic, I not sure where I stand legally with that...
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    Dodgy enquiries for massage

    80% of my massage clients are male, and have zero issues with them at all. I have experience of perverts by phone, text and in person. So the phone stuff is quite easy to deal with. I just do not engage with them on their level, if they ask for extra, yes I can offer hot stones, infrared...
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    Elemis QVC

    I have bought it loads from them as they are much cheaper than the shops. It is genuine products.
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    Lighting while massaging

    I have a fairy light canopy and wall with voile over. I have electric soft light candles. Its ultra relaxing and atmospheric. I ensure fairy lights are low light and fixed so not blinking.
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    Facial bowls?

    Hav a look online at Ellisons. You can join as a student. They sell mitts, bowls and everything you need. For home use maybe not now but when your further into your training invest in a copper bowl. It will hold the temperature of the water keeping it hot, for your facial clients.
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    Home therapy room & Covid

    It's so confusing isn't it. I looking for same answer as I in Manchester and expecting tier 3 by weekend. Boris said that Hairdressers and Beauty Therapists would close like pubs, but I can't find that info on all the tier 3 rules. So I really don't know if we close or can remain working. My...
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    SumUp/iZettle pros and cons

    I use Izettle, I have no experience with any other card reader. I like Izettle, it takes a percentage per transaction (for every £100 I take I receive £97.70) but the more you accept by cc or debit on it the amount they take reduces. It takes 48 hours for me to receive the money in my bank...
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    How much is your facial?

    My facials start at £40 for a gentle chemical peel, to £50+ for all electrical facials. I do have packages that include a massage and a facial which starts from £80.
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    Back wax

    Yes the backpack and sweating straight after a wax and then maybe sun ontop of that. I.d ask for a picture of his back and the spots, wondering if it's the small red bumps some get straight after a wax that usually go down within 24 hours and maybe they didn't go down, or he's got sweat in his...
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    Back wax

    How soon after the wax did he go on holiday and expose his skin to the sun? Did he follow the aftercare?
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    What to do?

    I have a salon at home in a spare large bedroom. I always did ok before COVID and right now I am doing exactly the same. Clients ar actually very comfortable coming to my home for treatments as I live alone so they feel safer. I keep the windows open in the treatment room and bathroom 24/7 so...
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    High frequency

    You will definitely need the training to get insured. It will also teach you both Direct and In Direc methods of application, which they can't do both at home by themselves. Yes they can do 1, but they don't actually really know all the anatomy behind the treatment so people give themselves a...
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    Facial massage with Indian head massage

    If it's a seated massage, I would go fo Indian head massage. You can do a full treatment or an express treatment. Offering a few express quick treatments are a good way of attracting clients who wouldn't normally book but as it's quick and cheaper they will try it.
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    Facial massage with Indian head massage

    Aromatherapy and Swedish are my best sellers. I get more men for aromatherapy than females. Men are pampering themselves right now I finding, they are spending money. Females aren't booking as much as male clients are. Not sure if it's COVID related as before I get 50/50 male and females for...
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    Facial massage with Indian head massage

    It might very well be, remote learning at college and just go in for practicals. I finishing a course off now that should have finished in May, we have zero classes, it's all online learning and just going in for practical exams. I myself need to learn in a classroom environment, I learn...