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  • hi there - if you need any further help or info just give me a shout! im new to beauty industry so i love others giving me info on here, so like to help out others where i can!
    HI YA ! the gels i work most with are azkentz..nice & strong and holds its colour well good for nno's/scuplts and toes, calgel nice and easy gel to work with never lifts, can colour fade though but strong and flexible sculpture i sandwich between calgel for more strength i only use bio for its colours. sadly cant find one gel that ticks all the boxes ! hth amb x
    My Spanish is crap, I really MUST get and have some lessons, but Javea is full of Brits which makes you very lazy
    gosh poor you, you hear of so many relationships breaking up over here. I find the trouble is that I work in an ex pats salon and the Spanish really won't tread over our threshold. great in the summer when all the tourists are here, but I am really struggling for trade too. I wish there was a Yellow Pages over here - so many independent rags, you could spend so much money with them! Anyway good luck xxx
    Hiya, I don't find any probs using gel here at all ... other than the girls I work with in the salon using l&P who say it's not strong blah blah blah! Pees me off as you can imagine! I prefer to work with Brisa slightly warmer as it is more fluid to work with, atm I have to keep it between my legs to warm it up a bit!!! All the gels I use are Brisa, but I find the LCN sundries cheaper and the files last forever.

    I love Spain - what area are you in? Sxxx
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