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  • Hiya im moblel spray tanner and beautician i use xen-tan as one of my solutions my clients dont think its dark enough even wen i do 2 coats. i love it lovely colour pitty they dotn do darker or in bronze liek there self tan range. do you have this problem that its not dark enough.
    Hello Nikki, sorry i have not got back to you on the akzentz thing.... i still have it and need to pop over to yours.... business is ticking over nicely, hope things are well down your way snow and all !!!!
    i think ive chosen just go go for the VTCT level 2 nail services at the moment then when i have the money do individual beauty courses like facials make-up etc as i dont think id want to do the waxing side of beauty lol...and your welcome hun :)

    hey hun how are you? your beautiful and also your nails are really good! i was thinking of eitha doing a level 2 beauty course or level 2 nail services which are both VTCT and run by my local college but i can only do 1 which would you reccommend?

    Hi Nicki - I am very well but a bit frustrated as I haven't been able to get into the salon today. Stood at Colwall frozen and the train didn't turn up. So you can imagine the grovelling and re-jigging I've had to do. Are you still in Commercial Road? xxx
    Hi Nicki,

    I hope you dont mind me emailing you but I spotted that you use xen tan. I wondered where your salon is? I live in the midlands but cant seem to find any salon that does xen tan.

    Thanks so much

    Oh I think the ladies would have called you last week (I think it was Monday - one wanting a French mani that day and the other for nails later in the week on a day I was fully booked). Business has picked up and the client base is building. Loads of recommendations which is good. Which no. do you prefer me to give for referrals? xxx
    Hi Hunny. Hope you are well. I passed a couple of referrals your way last week. I gave the first your mobile and then thought better of it and gave your landline for the 2nd. Hope all is well xxx
    Hi Nicky-Marie I am thinking about having training in spray tan im really confused about all brands on offer i rang xen tan today for prices and was wondering if you think this is the best one i am new to this site and a not sure if im doing the right thing or not by asking you or if i should post message elsewhere thanks pauline
    Hi Nicki-Marie, just had training with spray tan supermarket and wanted to know how you get on with Xen Tan, as this is the tan i'm planning on using! Does it work well on both fair and dark skins? I know this is a boring message but i'm full of questions for my future venture!!!!
    Yes hun there are .. can't tell you all the flavours but I know they are available.
    Hi Nicki - Business is slow but getting new clients each week. Problem is that they leave it 4-5 weeks between appointments so ... I'll keep slogging at it but may pursue another set up in the area which is on offer if those stairs keep putting people off. When I move into our bungalow there is also a fab studio from where I could work so a lot of thinking but at least a few options xx
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