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  • Glad your feet are OK.

    Oh I love a full body massage, better than a facial any day of the week.

    I am fine, have lost 11lbs now and am getting fitter all the time, which is a good thing.

    Not been on the site much these days the weather is too nice to be geeking I am afraid, also I get fed up with the sniping and arguing so cant be bothered some times IYKWIM.

    Have a fabby day.

    Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx're really going for it! I just chose to do one event and go large on the sponsorship for that! I had a good incentive as my 1 yr old daughter has just fought a nasty childhood cancer. I felt a bit cheeky asking folks to sponsorship for two....but then I realised that a lot of people just do them and pay the entry fee cos it all helps! My bro in law (who is from Aberdeen!) is just about to do the Loch Ness Marathon....I'm not quite ready for stuff like that yet! xxx
    Hope the house move went ok today hun!! Lovely weather for it!! Speak soon! xxx
    Yeah it is! Not many plans. Have a committee meeting at pre-school tonight, then at work tomorrow!! You? xxx
    At least you have something to help you through the day!!! Ours was ok, aprt from Kacy being a pain! Kacy went to a birthday party on Sat, and Darren took her swimming on Sun!! Apart from that, didn't do that much really! xxx
    Are you going to the Edinburgh show next Sunday hun?

    I am, if my ticket ever arrives?

    Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    All is well here thanks!!!! I have my mum over for a while so no proper geeking for me :sad: Thanks for the friends request...:hug: xxxxx see you soon...Jo
    Thanks for the invite hun xx I'm good, off to meet Debbie Gellies today for a geek meet xx Have a good day xx
    Not too bad. I joined Boots eating plan (at the mo only £9.99 to join for 3 months) and it is helping - I dont weigh myself till tomorrow so fingers crossed. There is quite a bit of callorie counting to start but I have added my own recipes to the site and it works out the fat and calorie content for you so that is a big help. Also you save your fave foods so only have to click on them to add them to the day. Have'nt been hungry so far which is a good thing.

    Its a rubbish day here, managed to get the dog out for 45 mins in between rain and hail stones but it is quite warm so thats the positive side to it.

    No problem- I am just so pleased you found her. I'm sure she's loving all the attention.

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