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  • Hiya hunnybun,
    How you doing ?
    Hope you're ok hun,
    Lots of sentances starting with a H here lol...
    Big hugs and loves...:hug:
    Emma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Nicky,
    Just wanted to send you hugs and say I hope things start to get better for you and Ash and the rest of the family soon.
    See you back on here soon xx
    Hello sweetie....just wondering how your all doing. Miss seeing you around :hug: xx
    Hi Nicky
    God i`m bad at replying arn't i? Hpe you are well hun and your doing loads of nails!!!!
    My salon had been open for 10 weeks now and we are booming it is bloody fantastic, i truly cannot believe i've now got two members of staff one full time one part time to cope with demand and i am in my high holes it's more than i could have wished. Let me know how you are hun be lovely to hear from you, promise to try and get on a bit sooner to have a look,
    Take care, Adele xx
    Thanks for the rep Nicky, I have only just discovered I had it. Just stumbled across it by accident. How stupid am i? Anyway, belated thanks xxx
    Thank you so much for taking the trouble to answer so indepth for me. I really appreciate your advice and trouble :hug: xx
    Thanks for your blog comment Nikki ... you said you stayed on the Disney site, was this for the full 2 weeks.. and was there enough to entertain you for 2 weeks there? My son will be only just 5 if we go this xmas... is there lots for him to do and see? Or would it be better us waiting for another couple of years? Which package did you go with please?
    Thanx hun for blog comment - going to try to be a dipper rather than a stuck on pc all bloody day long lol!!!
    Hows tricks? See that you and kids have been having fun at the hospital again - you'll be getting your own parking space soon (only kidding!) xx
    Your very welcome honey ! thats what i like about this site we can offer support and advice on all aspects x big hugs and chin up xxx
    thanks for your lovely comment - all the support I get on this site really is encouraging!
    Hi Nicky, I'm doing the course in Leeds on 15-17 September, 2 October and 31 October. Sooooo excited. Thanks so much for your lovely comment in my thread, it means a lot that I'm not driving everyone mad with my rambling!! I really can't wait to get going, and am soooo glad that I stumbled on this site!! How are you anyway? Thank u too for adding me as a friend! x x x
    Hi hun thanks so so much for the comment in my blog it is appreciated xxxx
    Oh I hope Alfie is on the mend too xxx
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