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    Intimate wax advice

    That’s what I thought! Thank you for your help xx
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    Intimate wax advice

    Because I go on holiday on Monday and don’t have time to go back before then I don’t drive and it was quite a bit away. Also I’m not really comfortable going back because I’m still in pain today and I’ve never been in pain after before. She did a Hollywood an eyebrow wax and an upper lip wax in...
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    Intimate wax advice

    Hey geeks I was wondering if anyone can give me a bit of advice I had a Hollywood wax done yesterday by someone I’d never been to before and the lady has missed quite a few patches of hair, so I was wondering how long do I need to wait before I can shave it without causing too much irritation...
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    Waxing for females

    Personally I’d only go to a female waxer. You’d have to check if the company would allow you to do the course because I believe there’s some that won’t allow men on a female intimate waxing course. Why not talk to your salon about training in male intimate waxing and add that to your treatment...
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    Student advice

    I had a boss like that she wouldn’t let me do my last 2 assessments she said everyone was too busy to train me but really it was because if I qualified she would have to pay me more and she didn’t want that. She liked to get me to do clients and charge them full price, I was an apprentice so...
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    Beauty, most popular treatment 2019?

    I think henna brows are gonna be huge this year a few salons near me have just started doing it and everyone seems to really love it xx
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    Name help for website to attract clients to colleges

    There’s already one called salon guinea pig I think hun xx
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    ‘Mates rates’

    Tell her to maybe try sending them a message on Facebook or something before they come letting them know how much it will be and if she does want to give a discount put in there how much discount she’s giving them. Might help her feel less awkward than waiting till they are there and having to...
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    Hey hun this might sound stupid but perhaps try and ask it as a more vague question eg how’s that for you? Etc rather than specifically asking about the finish I think if someone asked me about 1 specific part of a service I’d think they thought there was something wrong and probably examine it...
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    Nothing is working

    My personal Instagram is I have some make up pictures on there I’ve currently taken my professional ones down cause I’ll be opening a new salon soon so need to rebrand as I’m no longer gonna be home based. Good luck hun! Let us know how you get on xx
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    Nothing is working

    I problem hun I totally understand I have had depression and sometimes feel like I’m sinking back into it and it’s so difficult to even wash your face never mind put make up on etc but It’s a massive confidence boost when people ask about it. Yeah definitely try and get them to book while you’re...
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    Nothing is working

    hey hun have you had a look at the type of make up that other make up artists in your area offer for example where I’m from everyone wants full glam or ‘soft glam’ buy even soft glam is a full coverage foundation Kim k style look. If that’s what clients in your area want advertise for models and...
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    Choosing a makeup artist?

    Hi hun There’s a make up salon near me and the way they work is everyone’s has their own page called ‘name mua’ but on that’s page it directs all bookings to the salon page. The salon page shares photos from each individuals page and when the salon posts any pictures they also write make up by...
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    The dreaded naming of your business

    Haha it can be so tricky you’ll be doing something completely unrelated and then just have an aha moment when it comes to you you’ll be like why didn’t I think of it before xx
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    The dreaded naming of your business

    Random idea but bring up a theasauraus on google and type in words that suit your business or what your after it will bring up loads of synonyms that you won’t have thought of have a play about and you might get something quite unique that way! For the names you’ve said I’m not keen on...