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    Help choosing hair?

    Hi all, i had extensions put it around 3 weeks ago and had them sewn in, i absaloutly love this method the only thing is that im not overly impressed with the hair they use (Dream Girl) the tops 4 wefts seem great but the bottom one seems to tangle alot more im assuming this is down to the...
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    Highlighted hair

    Hiya guys i was just wondering if anyone could suggest a good shampoo and conditioner for highlighted hairi get blonde highlights and they look great the first few weeks but then just go dull after a while,anyone got any ideas, prefferably from somewhere like boots etc?
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    price of extensions

    Hi everyone im looking to get some extensions id just like a bit of advice on the price range i should be looking at and the kindest method to my own natural hair thanks in advance :hug: xxx
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    Tips grown out?

    Hiya guys as most of you know im not a trained tech so this is basicly a queqry of what i can expect tomorrow as im due an infill, i got a set of white tips with acrylic overlay (pink acrylic btw, is that a way it can be done? ive never seen it myself i always had clear...:confused:) my tips...
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    same hairstyles

    Sounds familiar, my mum has always had short spikey hair and the times shes tried to grow it out are un-countable lol it gets to a certain length where she cant do much with it so takes the easy way out and gets it all chopped off again :lol: A change of colour is great, id do mine but ive just...
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    same hairstyles

    Anyone know of or use any sites that suggest diffrent hairstyles, i dont want to go for a drastic haircut just now as im trying to grow my hair but im so fed up of the same old straightend/down/side fringe look plus its starting to look flat and limp :( Any help would be apreciated thanks a...
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    "Trying on" a new hairstyle

    Yes there is a site i dont know if you have to pay or not to use it :irked: but my friend has a picture up on her myspace with all diffrent shades of hair colours, il try and find out the name for you
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    Extensions - Clip In V Permanent

    Your preference and why? Personally never had permanent so i dont really know if i can comment on my own thread :irked: But i will anyway.. i love my clip ins but ive not yet worn them out as im a bit worried il end up walking through a club with one atatched to my leg! :eek: lol with the...
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    Cant wait! :green: is it pretty sad that im really looking forward to seeing this happen LOL :lol:
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    I was just about to add that i dont really have to many ideas on what tutorials we could add but thats a good start.. my version of blow drying is usually ..."omg im late" tip the head upside down and blast until a great big ball of frizz appears :cry: LOL
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    Soooo when do we get some hair ones? :lol:
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    Blending hair extensions

    Thanks for the advice geeks il be making a call to them soon! :hug: just hope that when i wear them on a night out one doesnt end up half way down my leg:o :eek: lol x
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    Blending hair extensions

    Hmmm if i walk out with hair shorter than my natural i could see that being a bit of a problem:lol:
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    Blending hair extensions

    So it would be ok to ring up and just inform them when making my apoinment what i want doing?
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    application vids on you tube

    Some of those comments made me chuckle whilest others left me a little gobsmacked im no pro but poke me with your file and i cant say id be too happy :confused: just to save time on washing off the cuticle softner Lol.