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  • Hi Nicole

    I sent you an email and forwarded your interest to head office , good luck, hope to have you on board xx

    We at PURI-TAN are looking for trainers at the moment, you need to have been tanning for a year, and that is it really , unless you want to do Business development manager too.
    Puri-Tan is a great company to work with, Kate and Leela are lovely, take a look at Puri-tan : Spray Tanning Equipment & Products
    Thanks. I want that on my toes now. You just reminded me of the photo I took. Will have to get that on Facebook. Lx
    Hi your welcome .... I myself only use hair from hair merchants .... same as persianista as I don't really trust any other hair types , perhaps ask your hairdresser to order some best European pre bonded hair in for you from Tasha jacks ..... her dad is a trusted hair merchant too but only sells hanks of hair .... its best to buy the best European hair though as it will last over and over again :) minky
    Went great, but exhauseted today.
    In a flash! half day course will run from June but need to confirm a date with you later in the month.
    Hope you had fun :) Lou xx
    Hiya am in eastfield just next to cambuslang...unfortunately am not going to the show we are moving house so i am on painting duties tomorrow, wot about you? should be good.

    Leica xx
    Hi Nicole just nosying about and noticed you were from glasgow so just leaving a hello, where abouts are you girl? xx
    Just lots of playing around and trying new things. I think its just a bit of trial and error when you know the basics. Have a play and see how it goes. xxx
    Anytime and thankyou :o i'm still a bit of a new girl so i know how hard it is!! xxx
    Hi, sorry for the delay havent been on the site since yesterday been crazy busy with orders. You can use any primer with our glue. You dont need to use primer at all but lashes will last a bit longer with it. If you pm me a contact number I can get one of the girls to talk over application if you get the glue as its slightly different. Louise x
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