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  • Hey petal could you tell me the name of the sugar book please? i just googled it but loads came up mainly cooking with sugar!! xx
    Ah that's lovely thank you, yes feeling okish today, how's things with you? I really wNd to do the diet tomorrow but don't no if I'm prepared enough! So pleased your sleeping ok that will help your recovery loads xx
    Evening petal, hope your ok, can't believe everyone thinks you should be ok now!!! Thanks for the heart xxx
    Thanks for accepting friend request! Saw you took the plunge and done the CND Course which I hope to soon looks really good. Still trying to find my way around the site at the moment,
    But not posting much incase I ask questions that's been asked a million times lol...
    mainly try get on here at night and search threads for advice.
    Sorry to hear you have been in hospital hope everything ok and you get better soon don't worry if you can't reply I'M sure we will catch up at somepoint xx
    Hey hun thanks for the heart, im starting to pick up and want to give another go, even if i just do one day a wek for time being till my body gets use to it x x x
    Hi Nikki
    Thank for replying. I want to wish you well if you are going to take the plunge and start your own business. I have been in the industry for 20+yrs and have just changed jobs. I am managing a new salon which opened October 13'. If you would like any advice or an ear to bend I'm happy to help X
    Hi Nikki May
    Just came across your name and wanted to say hello as my name is 'Nikki May' as well!
    I have been using shellac since August and love it, but have had the same problem with the uv lamps that many others have had. One of our lamps failed the first week in January we phoned 'Sweet squared' and was told to send it to them and it was replaced. The second lamp failed two days later and we are still waiting for the 2nd replacement. We have had too many excuses: out of stock being the main one.
    Have you had problems?
    I no what you mean i feel like that after the weekend, i really need to get my balance right though, good luck today xx ps really like the water :) x x
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