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  • Hey Niki. I am from Germany and i also work with wella illumina. Innige your work !! Hope my english is ok;-) i've got blonde bleeched Hair at the Moment and I want to change it like a 6/73 from koleston . Have you got an idea for me? Can I also use illumina? The Last time we'vw tried it, i was so ashy green. Looks terrible.
    I would be so happy to hear from you soon ;-) best wishes!janine
    Your adverts for a Nail Techc/Beautician have been moved to our Recruitment sub forum.
    Hi I knw u have been using a lot of the new wella Illumina colours. I have a client on full head of foils wants to change goin to do ombré colour with blonde at top and brown at bottom, she is naturally about a base 8 any recommendations ?
    I'm no hairdresser but your work is just lovely. I think you're in the perfect job. If I lived nearer I'd be banging your door down. Iv'e never had a hairdresser do just what I want, hence I keep it short and plain, time to experiment I think.
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