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    Hi, I found you!

    Hi, I found you!
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    Starting to give up with Shellac

    To help with Solar oil..... I'm mobile so I stock the tiny oils retail £3! I ask them during the Shellac treatment what they do to their nails at home... Like hand cream, washing hands, cleaning with or with out gloves??? And I tell them how important solar oil is and the benefits and other...
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    Comment by 'Nina Beauty' in media 'Half up hair with clip ins'

    I love it! How did you get those gorgeous curls? curling wand? Clip in blend in very well!!
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    Airbase make up

    I use airbase and luminess air. I love airbrush make-up! My friend who has been doing it years taught me! I love it. Luminess is much lighter and more natural but I prefer Airbase, covers well! Stays on so great for Brides. I use it on myself but brush it. I haven't got the time to clean the...
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    Neals Yard remedies

    Me the same! I have taken on Neals Yard as a Consultant, I doubt I will do that many parties but looking to use the products in my treatments for facials and massage and retail them from my treatments!. Really not a bad starter kit and only £50 in feb!!! The products are lovely and fairly well...
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    Advice needed desperate!!

    Good for you! MissLB! You did the right thing. If you carry on as you are you'll do fine on your own! Can't believe she smiled when you explained to her about the fakes. What else is she up to? She's just being greedy. I say what goes around comes around! Best not to be working there!!
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    I can't recommend La Science lash treament highly enough. Thicker, stronger, longer lashes. Not cheap but so worth it. I really saw and felt a difference with it! I tried Mavala Double lash no comparison hardly made any difference all at! La Science all the way!!
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    Does anyone use both Shellac and Gelish?

    I am the same I use Shellac and love it, but some of my clients just need a bit more. I am going to the show so I can properly see and select the Gelish colours. I have Gelish on now with shellac base and top coat and it's already been harder wearing, however I would never do this to a client...
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    Best beauty course

    If you want to go mobile. Talking from my recent experience. I was the same as you. I set up mobile. I found it best to start with nails. because the outlay is not too bad and fairly easy and quite quick to get your money back, research systems well and your local competiton and their prices...
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    Spray tanning in filthy houses? What to do?

    Poor you! Sounds terrible. I have been to some untidy, dirty homes but not like this. I have several sets of towels for my spray tans to protect their floors and my equipment. One lady I went to my towels and pop up tent got stuck to her floor! Horrid! I'm glad you have reported her. Someone...
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    Shellac removal - wraps or tin foil? What's your preference?

    I also use Magis foil wraps now for toes and fingers and I think they still look professional better than just cut up foil and cotton wool!
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    Booked sienna x course - Kit/Start up advice.

    defiantly wait till the show!! They usually have some good deals to be had at Sienna X and other stands..... like VAT free but not always! I'd wait, like lush lush says save your pennies till then. I'm holding out for a few things till the show to get. I'm going to need a lorry of my own to...
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    Shellac layering to make a flat navy/dark blue

    I don't think you can currently, only with a shimmery finish. one smooth even coat of blackpool and with negligee over the top! They could do with a nice navy and I raspberry pink colour not shimmery too! I will check back and see if anyone else makes better suggestions!
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    Mobile and really need some decent storage ideas

    I have a Roo pink beauty trolley I got at the last show, I'm so pleased with it! It fits my CND lamp, daylight slim table lamp. Bag of glitters, bag of retail. all my shellac colours and pep products 2xtowels and other bags. It has a seperate lid so when travelling in the car I can break it down...
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    Mobile Geeks - Pump bottles

    I got some but I got mine at the beauty show and they lock and have leaked worth the few quid I paid for them just have to remind myself to lock them before putting them back in my beauty trolley!!! You really don't want scrubfresh or Acetone leaking!!! Good luck!