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  • Glad the salon's ok. I have never been oop north, and would love to go sometime. Do you ever visit London?
    Hi i got the cotton wool pad dispensers from Ikea, 5.99 each. I got 2, one for my cotton polish removing pads and one for my lint free pads. hth x
    hahahaha just saw your you think there could be more to life than being really really really ridiculously good looking?
    hiya yeah i do, i posted on a few threads you had but then looked at the date after, and thought oops was like AGES ago. when did u work there? and hows your room going? x
    I suggested it as you said that you didn't hold a qualification but had received training at the spa. sorry if I got myself confused.
    Nic whats your salon called?? set the students a price structure assignments just in case you get a call or 3 cos some live in your end.. lol.. xxx
    Aw thanks. It must be much tougher to be in business in the North. We are fairly well cushioned from the recession here, and I cater mainly for rich spoilt wag types, so I'm quite expert on what makes rich women tick! Our beauty dept has been hit tho, our takings are down a lot. Nothing to do with room size tho! I think it is just a feeling of being hard up. Pisses me off when they moan that Hubby bonus is ONLY half a mill this year. grrr. Anyway, what stops you coming to London to seek your fortune?
    I just whizzed round the salon and shut it early, boss of the year,me! We have had about an inch or so of snow. London has ground to a halt. We are not used to this! Even in my 4x4 i was slipping about. Last time I was snowed in proper was 1987, so I guess we get off light here. This morning I drove towards London, and the roads were all clear and fine, but it has tipped down this afternoon. Almost all my clients tom come from further down in Kent and Surrey, so they have pretty much all moved to Fri and Sat. Really could do without all the ag tho!
    Hiya, Hope things are picking up for you. All this bloody snow doesn't help does it, I had loads of cancellations today.Lets hope this year is a good year for you. x Dawn
    sorry I didn't get to chat online the other day, I was on another site and i when I came back you had left a message.
    must catch up some time, perhaps do a swap?
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